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10 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Recently I held a 10 day weight loss challenge and my challengers saw GREAT results! (One challenger lost 9 pounds and 11.5 inches!!!)  So, I decided to do it again.  Check out all the details in the video below.


SO, are you READY?  Do you want to make a CHANGE?  FEEL GOOD?  LOSE WEIGHT?  CHANGE HABITS?  GET HEALTHY?  FIT IN YOUR THIN CLOTHES?   I want YOU in my next group of challengers.  What is 10 days anyway?  You can COMMIT to that!  Contact me TODAY!


  1. I am glad to be a visitor of this unadulterated site!

  2. Hey Nicholesieck,
    Cool Post There are various ways through which weight loss can be achieved but most of us try to defer from the challenging situations due to many reasons. One of the simplest reasons for not accepting weight loss challenges or targeted weight loss options are the convenient methods which are provided in regular lifestyles. To accept the challenge of any weight loss program is a very easy task but completion of the target and achieving the same is something which is not possible for many people.Weight loss has become an obsession with people and diets a part of the fad. But the need of the hour is not to become obsessed by weight loss but make healthy eating and fitness a habit. Fitness levels vary as per the capacity of the body. Dieting is also controllable but most people fail in these two options because obsession is short term and a habit is for a life time.
    Nice One!

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