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Recipes: Grilling is for more than meat!

Now that summer is in full swing, so are the evenings spent around the grill (for my family at least).  I am a sucker for steamed veggies like broccoli, cauliflower or carrots, but why not bring on the grilling fun for veggies too?  Here is a quick video I found today I think anyone just starting out with grilling veggies can benefit from:



If that isn't enough to get your taste buds ready to grill then here are a few other ideas I've found and can't wait to try:

Grilled Parmesan Veggies 

Potatoes Plus

Grilled Veggie Mix

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus (w/ turkey bacon)

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Grilled veggie kabobs


There you have it.  A few ideas for those pesky side dishes and ways to "spice up" your veggies!  What is your favorite way to prepare vegetables?  Do you prepare them on the grill?  I'd love to see your recipes and ideas below, so don't forget to show me some love in the comment section!  Happy grilling.


  1. Looks yummy.  Makes me want to have some veggies now!  Heading to the store now as we are all out!

  2. I love this Nichole, thanks for sharing! As a vegetarian, it can sometimes be a bummer when everyone is grilling out and I'm left with my steamed veggies (which I still love) but this inspires me! I've always wanted to grill veggies, but was always kind of scared to, but I'm going to try it now!!

    • Yay! I am so glad I was able to help. I was excited when I found the recipes too.

  3. Love Bacon or Ham wrapped Asparagus on the grill.  Also love Grilled Pineapple!  

    • Ooh! Good idea (grilling pineapple).

  4. Yum! Great, simple video for veggie-grilling-newbies! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. My family loves grilling. We do lots of kabobs with chicken and veggies in the summer. Thanks for sharing!

    • Fun! We grill a lot too. I will have to try more with kabobs.

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